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Queensbury is at the leading edge of innovations in learning both locally and nationally. Continuous improvement in the quality of learning is at the heart of everything we do. As a Specialist Technology College we offer a technologically rich learning environment and curriculum. Add to this our most valuable resource, the team of highly qualified, dedicated and caring staff; it is a combination that can really make a difference.

There is a strong belief in traditional values at Queensbury and we set high standards in our work, conduct and appearance. Queensbury stands at the heart of a thriving local community and we place an emphasis on the skills and values that will enable students to contribute to their community.

Nigel Hill
Head Teacher 

Queensbury School · Langdale Road · Dunstable · Bedfordshire LU6 3BU
Telephone: 01582 601241 · Fax: 01582 476988

Get Fit With Queensbury School

 Leisurelines Fitness Suite is a business operated by Queensbury School.


By using its facilities you not only get fit but support your child's education.

It operates outside school hours and benefits include free parking, ease of access and fitness consultants to help you achieve your goals.

 For more information, contact Tricia on
01582 884946

Boot Sales

Queensbury School holds regular boot sales during the autumn and spring terms.

Next Boot Sale:- to be advised

Book Pitches on:- 01582-472159

Cost:-             £7.00 per pitch if paid to the school in advance
                   £8.00 on the day

Queensbury School has a number of facilities for hire

 West Hall with full Kitchen Facilities

 For full details please contact us on:
01582 472159

Latest News

Technology helps to lose weight

Many times we think only in the obvious weight loss: go to a specialist, follow a diet, exercise … However, we must know that there are other aids that should not be neglected, usually derived from new technologies, though not always. As an example of them, today we bring to this section, a really curious novelty: a fork that tells us when we misuse it.

In other articles we’ve talked about how we can help the new technologies diet . We saw that, thanks to a PDA we can know, instantly, how many calories we escape if we give up a certain portion of tempting food but fattening, how adelgazamos if we return home on foot rather than by subway or what is the evolution of our weight in recent months. All this motivates and thins. It is proven.

It is also known that new communication technologies such as the Internet or smartphones, help to obtain useful for Pastillas para perder Peso, as information lighter recipes for cooking in a healthier way. In addition, these technologies can stay in constant contact with both specialists who guide us and control how other people trying tolose weight either with a proper diet, through exercise or with the help of both. And that motivates.

Nor should they be neglected certain games slimming and other aids that are not as new as the pedometer .Suffice it to recall that those who use it give a day 2,000 more than those who do not use steps, and that means burning a lot of calories. The basic mechanism by which all these aids work is motivation.

Here is another example of technological assistance that could be described as surprising and original. It has been presented at the CES, the International Consumer Electronics Show held every year in Las Vegas (Nevada, United States).The name of the invention is Hapifork, that sounds a lot like fork happy that, in turn, could be translated as something like happy fork. It is designed and manufactured by Hapilabs, specializing in gadgets of the most original and varied company.

Studies show that eating fast, besides being a surefire way to attract various problems (heartburn, indigestion …) recipe, is not the best for weight loss because it does not allow our body to be fully aware of the amount we are eating.

To put it simply, if we eat too fast, when we realize that we are satisfied we are satisfied too, because satiety is detected with some delay. Hence the convenience of eating slowly. The problem is that often we forget to do so. To fix this, born Hapifork.

The fork, a spoon that soon will join similar operation, the handle has a device that detects how often we take it to the mouth. And if that frequency exceeds the limit we have previously stated, this limit is adjustable fork warns us that we are eating too quickly by a vibration of the handle.

The inventor of the device, Jacques Lepine, took advantage of their own health problems from eating frantically to design the Hapifork. Thanks to him, he says, your meals are now much more relaxed. The price of this particular holder is $ 99;something less, to change, to 80 euros.


high-tech cosmetics

Irresistible concoctions that will prevent the passage through surgery and take away up to ten years off. Photo: Fotolia


Rejuvenating, lip pro volume basis, perfumes aging are some of the secret weapons used by women to challenge and attack time antibelleza fronts as blemishes, wrinkles, dark circles, light and sagging.

Face the typical problems that the skin starts to show after 30 years and combat them is easier than you might think once. The cosmetic industry is increasingly investing in technologies and strives to find natural and novel components to eradicate the known symptoms of aging such as wrinkles, blemishes, acne, dull skin, among others. These developments come in presentations of serums, clique aqui para comprar lift x cream and even makeup, containing elements of nature as seaweed extracts, pearls and minerals.

miraculous Emulsions (you sleep, they act)

They come in different colors, textures and sizes and for all tastes. Creams Revolution brings a complete dossier of products for all skin types and needs.

They are the most wanted? Undoubtedly, the dreaded crow’s feet or fine lines on the face occupy one of the top positions in the ranks of female concerns. Fortunately, there aretreatments on the market that offer attenuate shock, fill them and in some cases even repair cellular DNA. The serum have become an effective solution to achieve this objective since they have compatible active easily penetrate the skin, making a highly functional and biological response.

One of them? ISérum, La Forêt, boasts one of the most advanced research decalogues that regenerates the epidermis and dermis restructuring. Paula Madrigal, brand manager of La Forêt, “This product offers a unique technology that seeks to apply the deficiencies in the skin and works when placed on them, achieving effective results in a few weeks.” In the case of serum, itis not necessary to follow a routine hydration and if you want you can stop this kind of creams while you perform the procedure in the case of iSerum should be done twice a year.

Another innovation? It is possible that resveratrol name will sound familiar. It is a component present in grapes, which by its properties is known as the anti – aging molecule fashion. She reduces wrinkles, gives firmness, hydration and last but not least stimulates the genes of longevity and combats oxidative stress in the face and neck. “It is an antioxidant that provides cell regeneration and keeps the body in good condition. Today can be found in capsules and creams and the results can be seen in a month , “says Santiago Correal, retail manager Intermarketing Express, a company that distributes Revertrex.

Any other possibilities? Within the wide range of products include some that act as fillers based on plant stem cells that promote skin in the eye area and lips. Some of these advances also use ingredients like marine algae, which, subject to ultratecnológicos processes are also protagonists of facial lotions that moisturize and smooth (almost 60 percent) skin from the first half hour of application.

quitaaños makeup

Cosmetics also become intelligent products and daily application allies that help hide imperfections. They are our gorgeous vanity that help us see ourselves as we hope. You know what they are and how they act?
Meet some quirks that you will love.

Boca without barcode

With climate variations to which we are subject it is not uncommon to suffer from chapped and dry lips. Even in those women whose job lecturing or stay in constant communication, these vertical lines tend to be more pronounced.

The solution? Some gloss contain vitamin E, anti – free radical and cocktails plant with softening and protective properties such as shea butter, which promise to permanent use to repair such injuries. In the case of lipsticks, many of them have also evolved and parallel to deliver its protective qualities provide a volumizing and lasting almost 16 hours effect.

Impact skin

At this point they enter the foundation and concealers, which become treatments for complexion with Photoshop effect. Now you can have to hand improvers powders and attenuate hide imperfections or bases or lifting tensor effect also eliminate excess shine and moisturize the skin. You want more? If your problem is an uneven skin tone, do not worry because there is also a fluid base with SPF 15 that corrects the skin tone and evens progressively clarifying and other pigmented spots.

Eyes of vertigo

This field itself has progressed. Convertió look at the focus of several houses of cosmetics annually spend thousands and thousands of dollars in research and development of products that offer more powerful and with long, curved eyes and thick eyelashes. Top advanced! A autovibradora mascara with 7,000 oscillations per minute to progressively cover the tabs to give maximum extension and curve. Other more futuristic masks in addition to having the power to separate and lengthen the tab up to 40 percent, the fortified with vitamins to prevent breakage and achieving impressive eyes fall progressive use.


For days I turn to this issue it is that there are already many clients asking me SEO strategy “to sack”. I explain.

Hello, I want a SEO strategy for my site because I want to appear on the first page of Google

The immediate answer is: look, no one can assure appear on the first page of Google . And they do not understand. Runs around the belief that appear on the first page of Google is as easy as making a SEO strategy with a series of actions on and off the site and you forget about it .

These myths and beliefs that run around, often promulgated by people who have no idea of seo services gold coast and SEO strategies is selling out there, does great harm to the people who really dedicated to this.

So I think that an SEO strategy has to start by educating the customer, charging those false mythsthat run around.

What criteria would position?

Another issue that I meet a lot is the answer to the question of strategy: what criteria you want position?

I want to position 20 search criteria

Well , we are doing well. So sure we hit the shot . Let’s try to give a moving target is 1,000 meters firing the largest possible number of bullets, some give. Well , not so it goes. You have to select a small number of criteria to avoid getting lost in the jungle of positioning and not positioning anything.

General criteria no, I fall

And the next thing is the generalism falls.
The segment not.

A company of apartments in Madrid to answer the question you want to position what criteria?

I want to position “apartments Spain” and “apartments Madrid”

Of course. We will compete with many people as possible and we will compete for keywords that have more demand. Go preparing good money to make ends meet and prepare for, like, do not get anything.Compete with all those who use the word and the word Madrid apartments , from football clubs, to people who make reforms in apartments. We will compete with other people who have apartments scattered throughout Spain.
Sure you find so many people.

And other myths

Other myths out there that belie often are:
– I will make a Facebook page getting my information , and gain positions sack
– I will share hundreds of links and give me high in directories
– I’ll put 80 times on my website keyword I want to position
– I will do a blog with an article every 2 months putting some content and add that many points
– I will buy thousands of Facebook fans and thousands of followers on Twitter and will appear earlier in the search results

And the myths of your customers, what are they?